Friday, January 16, 2004

Recent Playlists

Nth of Pril has been posting WinAmp playlists recently. Interesting to see what other people are listening to, especially when it's not completely unfamiliar stuff! I was unsuccessful in creating a new playlist yesterday, so instead, here's the track listings for a couple recent CD-R's.

Radio Dave - Twisted Mix 2004

1 Lou Reed - Perfect Day (demo)
2 Lyle Lovett - The Summer Wind
3 Pearls Before Swine - Wedding
4 Gene Clark - One In A Hundred
5 Flying Burrito Bros - Lodi
6 Souther Hillman Furay Band - On The Line
7 Mallard - A Piece Of Me
8 Lyle Lovett - Moritat (Mack The Knife)
9 Lou Reed - Hangin' Round (demo)
10 Flying Burrito Bros - Bony Maronie
11 Graham Parker & the Rumour - Pouring It All Out
12 Flying Burrito Bros - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
13 Richard & Linda Thompson - Calvary Cross
14 Jorma Kaukonen - Song For The High Mountain
15 Pearls Before Swine - Did You Dream Of
16 John Martyn - Couldn't Love You More
17 Richie Furay - I Still have Dreams
18 Randy Stonehill - I've Got News For You
19 Leonard Cohen - Story Of Isaac
20 Lyle Lovett & Randy Newman - You've Got A Friend In Me
21 Flying Burrito Bros - Wake Up Little Susie
22 Flying Burrito Bros - One Hundred Years From Now
23 Flying Burrito Bros - Money Honey

Like a lot of my CD-R's over the last year, this was intended to free up a little space on the hard drive by making one last backup of some stuff that's been on there a long time.

Radio Dave 2003 - Mental Movie Music (Director's Cut)

01 Tornadoes - Telstar
02 Spooner - Feeling Good Is Gonna Come Easy
03 The Toys - A Lover's Concerto
04 People - I Love You
05 Justin Hayward - The Actor
06 Wild Man Fischer & Mark Mothersbaugh - The Way We Were
07 Spooner - Wild Winds
08 Graham Parker & Rumour - Pouring It All Out
09 Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride
10 Bloodrock - D.O.A.
11 Nick Cave - Time Jesum Transuentum Et Non Revertentum
12 Spooner - Fugitive Dance (House Mix)
13 The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
14 Dondero High School Choir - Fox On The Run
15 Eddie & Edie & Reggaebots - Some Velvet Morning
16 Van Morrison - Ringworm / You Say France And I Whistle / Have A Danish
17 Jorma Kaukonen - Song For The High Mountain
18 Hugo Montenegro - The Good The bad And The Ugly
19 GE Silicone Products - Sand
20 The Dictators - Kiss My Ass

Same deal applies here. The original version contains 100MB or so of movie files instead of the last three songs, but it made a pretty decent Road Movie Soundtrack when Paul and Michele and I went to Madison between Christmas and New Year's, so I assembled this version for distribution through the usual channels, if you follow me. Since I don't have the technology for visitors to leave Comments, you'll have to write me (e-ddress to the left) if you have any questions. I got a nice note from somebody once after I posted a Playlist with a couple obscure Cat Stevens songs on it. Hopefully those will continue to outnumber the cease and desist orders and threats of legal repercussions from the RIAA and other friendly entitities dedicating to Protecting The Rights Of America's Recording Industry.

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