Friday, June 20, 2003

Maybe I Should Make Headlines For These Posts

Eric Olsen wrote a pretty nice article about Warren Zevon and his new album, The Wind. Besides reviewing the disc, he conveys the difficulty of not coming off like a jerk when meeting a celebrity, particularly one you admire. Or whose work you admire. If you're not a fawning fanboy, you're asking presumptuous questions, speaking with unearned authority from nonexistent expertise or giving (what's the word Fripp uses) dopey advice. Basement commentary. Ideally, one is able to speak to the object of one's desire without annoying them. But, fan interaction is heavily weighted in favor of the fan. "Sorry (NOT) to interrupt your quiet meal with your friends, butt I have a hunger to tell you how great you are, and if you don't appreciate my attention I'm prepared to insult you. Sign this. Get ready for a bright flash in your eyes." Eric didn't really do all this, understand, when he met Warren Zevon at a party, I'm just rambling.

Besides Butch Vig and Duke Erikson, I've met very few celebrities. After a Summerfest show in the 80's (with Al Perkins on a tiny stage), I shook Chris Hillman's hand and thanked him for coming to Milwaukee. Shook Gene Clark's hand between sets at a little Bay View bar once, also. That was right around the time Hillman was having some Mainstream Country success with the Desert Rose Band, and I think Gene didn't appreciate my suggestion that he consider the Country Music market. Mind, this was when guys like Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam, Lyle Lovett and Randy Travis were new on the scene, and it seemed like there was a market for honest thoughtful singer songwriters on the Radio of all freakin' places. Before all the empty cowboy hats took over. Oh well. I didn't ask for his autograph since I don't believe in the dumb things.

Mmm, to be honest, I've gotten a couple over the years. It's an excuse to get close to a celebrity, I guess. (Why anyone would buy an autograph is a mystery to me.) I got Flo & Eddie to autograph a 200 Motels booklet after a Turtles show some years back, and back in college I got Sneeky Pete to autograph a breathalyzer result card I happened to have in my wallet. Both of those are longer stories than I have time to relate at the moment...

Someday I should also write about seeing Roger McGuinn & Band, David Crosby's CPR and Michael Clarke (and Gene) in a "Byrd Tribute" band. That 's all Five Byrds I've seen in Concert at various times. I've gone to few enough concerts that I should make an effort to list 'em. Can probably remember most if I try. I've started this project before, I wonder what floppy disc that file might be on...

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Okay, I republished the Archives.* My deathless prose will live on until the sun grows cold and dark. Or until all the terrible things everybody says about Blogger come to pass. Or until Blogspot start charging for this space.

* "It's supposed to be automatic, but you actually have to push this button."
Here's my latest Blogcritics post. I perform a little record company math and scientifically estimate that the Artist will probably receive 3 cents out of each 99 cents the Consumer spends on a downloaded mp3 or whatever that new Apple iTunes format is...

Check in again next month for more up-to-the-minute reporting.

Oh, today's the last day of school, and I get to sit in the bleachers for several hours observing a Middle School promotion exercise this evening. Lucky me.