Friday, October 22, 2004

Links Updated

Rearranged, added a couple, demoted a few... No other reason for this post, just wanted to make sure the Template didn't get hosed...

Oh Yeah, One More Thing

I don't quite have the time or motivation to produce a major post about the performances rehearsals of Jim Grimsley's "A Bird Of Prey" at Tosa West last night. I will note that the people who raised the stink about it are dopes, the "acting" school superintendents are invertebrate weasels, and Ms. King and the troupe did a tremendous job presenting a significant and moving piece of drama. So there.

Monday, October 04, 2004

What Happened To September?

Keeping busy, and out of trouble, I guess. I turned 31 (hexadecimal) last month, and it would have been my father's 90th birthday (decimal) two weeks ago today, as well.

Family news includes tidbits such as Matt's got his Learner's Permit and is taking Driver's Ed, and Sarah is a National Merit Semifinalist and is keeping busy with rehearsals for some play whose name I don't recall... Plus she's starting to learn music to play in the "West Side Story" pit orchestra in addition to UWAY and marching band and State Honors band. A busy little clarinetist, though she plays bass drum in marching band! Peter plays bassoon with the MYSO Junior Winds again this year, but he's the only 'oonist this year! (Last year there were three.) He's not the most active or merit badge motivated Boy Scout, but he did go camping once last month.

Matt and I finished painting the trim and windows last weekend, and Lora tried the sponge-painting thing on the fourth wall of our new enclosed patio / three season room (we haven't decided quite what to call it yet!). Results are very nice. We have some trim to install, but it's livable again. Lora may be planning to refinish the French Doors, too. We'll tile the floor next Spring or Summer, but until then it's a very nice space to sit of a summer or autumn evening or weekend morning... It'll be interesting to see how late into the Fall we end up using the room. Overnight temperatures are starting to dip, now that October's here...