Friday, August 14, 2009

Burning Airlines Give You So Much More

According to my incomplete documentation, this cover version of the first song on Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) LP is more or less thirty years old. Remixed last winter, I tweaked the EQ and decided it needed a little more stereo flanging this afternoon. Still not quite definitive, but it's getting there. Another thirty years oughta do it. If there's anything left to sit on, as Frank used to say.

Some Canary Music

Some Canary Music (Re-Loaded)

Kicking off the End of Summer Clearance with a new feature, for as long as this free account at divShare lasts...

Well, our foster canary went back to his owner yesterday, so I'm happy I recorded a half hour of his chirping last spring (and edited it down to five minutes) for those times when only Canary Music will do. Enjoy!

BTW, he's apparently just called "Birdie" by his owners, but we decided he needed more name than that... Considering his inventive singing style, we decided he should have some appropriately musical sobriquet, and settled on Giacomo Puccini, the Italian opera composer. "Pucci" (or poochie) for short.