Friday, November 15, 2002

I got a nice e-mail from somebody who found this blog Googling for a couple Cat Stevens songs that were in the playlist I posted a few weeks ago. She's evidently assembling a soundtrack CD for Harold And Maude. Cool idea. I gotta find that on video one of these days. Haven't seen it in many years and it's a great flick. I watched McCabe And Mrs. Miller a few years ago (another flick inextricably linked in my mind to sitting in a lecture hall in Madison on a Friday or Saturday night) specifically to marvel at a soundtrack with Leonard Cohen songs on it.

My favorite movie (even though I never saw it on a big screen) is still Truly Madly Deeply. Honorable Mention must go to The Royal Tenenbaums from last year, which, no big surprise, also has an astonishingly good soundtrack. Not just Rolling Stones and Velvet Underground, but Nico, Nick Drake and Emitt Rhodes as well!
A rhetorical question is one that requires no answer. It is a rhetorical device. Rhetoric involves debate, speechmaking, constructing logical and coherent thoughts and using them to baffle and irritate those unfortunate enough to be caught in one's general vicinty. The Phonograph, once known as a "Talking Machine" is not, strictly speaking, a rhetorical device. But it can be used as one, in a pinch. The pinch is a small unit of measurement used in Cooking. I'm not sure of the Metric equivalent. When the Music is Really Cooking, the musicians are sometimes Baked. The Birth Of The Cool is one example of this phenomenon.
Phrase Of The Day: "cork soaking iceholes"

Tip O' The Hat To Dawn!

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Well, Aneb Jah Rasta Sensas-Utcha Nefer-I (of "The Rasta Movement" political party according to the ballot) came in dead last in the Wisconsin Gubernatorial Race. The atmosphere of the Capitol's smoke-filled back rooms would definitely have acquired a different character had he won.