Tuesday, December 16, 2003


From Robert Fripp's Diary, the 11 December 2003 entry concludes with:

The Happy Gigsters' Guide To Live Performance has this comment: It's not worth much if you can't take it onstage.

Probably something about the font and the italics, but I misread that final line as "It's not worth much if you can't fake it onstage." Which causes a snort of mirth, considering that Fripp's insistence upon Courting The Muse rather than Playing The Rock Star Entertainer is a root disconnect between King Crimson's Fanatic Fanbase and the bespectacled object of its adulation...
Redneck Haiku

This has been around for a while, via e-mail and such (kinda like that "wear sunscreen" thing wrongly attributed to Kurt Vonnegut a few years ago), but the actual alleged author has surfaced and has a new blog he calls iowahawk...


Naked in repose
Silvery silhouette girls
Adorn my mudflaps

Wednesday, December 10, 2003


If you have any idea what that word means, drop me a line. It's possible that it means nothing, or that the meaning is known only to my friend saintsteven...

It would appear to be a noun of some sort, but further clues to its nature are scarce. I've seen him use it in various e-mail and chat applications with no real clue as to its meaning. I think I'll enjoy the mystery a while rather than ask him about tit.... (About it, I meant to type!) (Parenthetically, I also almost used apostrophes in the word "its" above, but I realized it's incorrect usage to do so!)

Oh yeah, I wanted to type "Orvalle Theodore Kirby III" on here to see if it shows up in a Google search someday. Hi, Ted!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Bleat From The Past...

Just out of curiousity, I googled "Thanksgiving Bleat" and yay! Mobius Street is top of the heap. A small heap, but what the heck. Third place (emlarson) had a link to the 2002 edition, which I reproduce here: Thanksgiving Bleat 2002.

(Second place only links to James Lilek's main page, and navigating to the Thanksgiving Bleat 2003 is not a piece of cake at the moment. Not that I don't recommend wasting a few hours browsing the site...)

I think I've used the phrase "Thanksgiving Bleat" enough times for one post...

Last Weekend's Viewing

I got the chance to see some Three Stooges on TV last weekend. WWII-era Moe, Larry & Curly... Sarah had it on Channel 41 when I came downstairs Saturday evening, slightly surprising me that she doesn't share her mom's dislike for the stuff. (Must be something to do with the fact that she doesn't have any big brothers!)

So, I caught the end of what was evidently "You Natzy Spy" (1940), with the guys running around in military dictator type uniforms, ending up getting eaten by some lions...

Next was "They Stooge to Conga" (1943). Some classic home repair bits, with the boys trying to fix the doorbell in a house of Axis spies, so lots of politically incorrect stereotyping occurs with the Jap dude and the Kraut couple. Apart from the Period Detail, it was good to see them doing some of the classic routines. Finding random wires and pulling them out through the plaster, up the wall and across the ceiling. Moe and Curly in an unwitting (is that redundant?) tug of war involving phone wires, with the loser getting yanked right through the wall... And the usual wrenches twisting noses, eye gouging, stepping on peoples' faces, and the ever-popular blunt object assault on the head and midsection . Ah ha ha ha.

Also watched the first part of Truly Madly Deeply. Probably still my favorite movie, certainly of the non-comedy non-space opera variety. A romantic comedy, I suppose, on some levels, but deeper than Sleepless In Seattle. A thinking person's Ghost is sort of an insulting if not completely inaccurate summary. Don't read the back of the box, that gives away too much of the plot - just take it home and watch it unfold.
Not Curious Enough

I can't quite get myself to download this mp3 from the 365 Days Project, but props to the curator for this paragraph:

In the unfortunate tradition of 'The Godfather', 'Alien', the original 'Star Wars' trilogy and the 'Look Who's Talking' franchise, Episode Three of 'My Show' is by far the weakest. It consists primarily of footage shot at a party where Sondra gave out 'thank you' presents to the people who had helped her make 'My Show' number two, including a twenty-five-dollar gift certificate for vitamins and a six-foot Blimpie submarine sandwich. (SPOILER ALERT: This is also essentially the plot of 'Godfather 3'.)

When I Am King

Murphy sent me a link to an unusual webcomic today. Click on the When I Am King graphic novel in 5 chapters picture. Nonverbal and R-rated with a unique and rather cool cartooning style. Recommended, as they say.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Don't Forget to Name Your Entries, Dave

Both Achewood and Penny Arcade are quite amusing today... Penny Arcade needs no particular setup, if you're a slightly twisted individual. As for Achewood, well, apparently Ray is in hell - he was issued a 1984 Subaru Brat upon arrival - and appears to be checking into a Best Western motel. The entertainer in the Lounge this evening is... Robert Johnson! Playing the blues, of course. Heh. Maybe Ray will be backing him up on piano, having achieved virtuosity on the instrument through bartering his soul in a previous strip.

"Can you play the piano?"
"I don't know, I've never tried!"

(This gag works equally well with many other questions, e.g. "Do you speak Spanish?")

Monday, December 01, 2003

As A Public Service...

The Thanksgiving Bleat, also the final Bleat of 2003 since James is taking a break from blogging to get some real work done in the month of December. Decent idea, that. But, keep clicking in to see his daily snapshot so he doesn't get himself worked up over declining page views or whatever. If all of us remember to do that, that makes one of us, right? (No hit counter on this page!)