Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Advice From A Cartoon Cat

Gotta add Achewood to my comix linx at left... Ray's got some fine advice and observations again this Wednesday:

...There are a lot of duds out there. Just look at how many people genuinely cared about the outcome of “American Idol” this year. I heard some reports that people actually bought CDs by people who were on that show! I mean, come on! Who cares if some overgrown meat-bug re-sings an already famous song with a generic band behind him, taking all the cojones out of the music? What a waste of various types of resources.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Happy Canada Day, Eh?

So I did the Archive thing again, and I figured I oughta get something from the current month on the front page.

Shaw Island is about to split into two strips, one for the humans and one for the hamsters, so keep reading. In WIGU, the Tinkle family got amnesia after a confrontation between Topato and Space Mummy...

Here at work, things are busy and I think I need to work late again to get some stuph accomplished. Holiday weekend approaching that I hope to enjoy, considering I had to forego any possibility of going to see the Moody Blues at Summerfest last night. Oh well...