Friday, February 27, 2004

A Recent E-Mail

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Posted by mrdave (133) on Feb-26-04 at 10:01:15 PST

Today's Lileks: I think it’s a shame [Howard Stern] was reprimanded. I don’t think people understand what’s at stake here. We need to coarsen public discourse as much as possible as quickly as possible, because a free and open society depends on the right of Pink to flash her labia at the next Superbowl. I’m serious: if we don’t see a clitoris on the Jumbocam, this nation is OVER. (Breast, labia - what's the diff? Please don't tell me you're one of those bluenoses who thinks a boob's okay but explicit gyno topography is somehow unsuitable for prime-time. It's the HUMAN BODY, people; what's your hang up? ) I’m tired of people who think that it’s the role of large media chains to hit the panic button when a caller to Stern’s show calls him a f--ing k-ke, and bleeps Howard when when he says the caller a sh-head ch-nk. People! Come on! What is this country coming to when people can’t call other people sh-thead ch-nks on the public airwaves?

...And we'd be paying what for gasoline under President Gore's People's Green Petroleum Collective Distribution System? Call me a middle aged conservative white guy, but I don't think all the dishonest moron assholes are in the Bush administration. ...

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Okay, so I deserve 40 lashes with a wet noodle, as Dear Abby used to say. I guess I'm not as PG-rated as I should be sometimes. D'oh!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

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A good subtle keyword spamming technique. Eventually, I'm going to salt this blog with names of (more) people I've lost track of over the years to see if they ever Google their own names. And if so, if they have any interest in sending me a damn e-mail. I'm not embarrassed enough about doing it myself to pretend that I don't! Googling my own name (in quotation marks, of course) doesn't point to any of my own web presences, so I guess I better take care of that in some subtle fashion, too. I think the surname by itself turns me up, just after lots of pages of distant relatives and genealogy results and junk. "Hazy Dave" and "MrDrDave" and even "mrdave" return some valid results, but that's of little use to anybody who doesn't already know any of my web aliases. So. Of course, I still live in the same metropolitan area where I grew up and went to high school, so I generally assume that the people who never call or write don't want to talk or correspond with me anyway. Well. Linkage and keyword spamming I can handle, the rest is up to you people. But it appears I need to update my "home page" now and then, or it disappears from the Google cache. "Further Clues" to the left! Whatever. Back to work...
Streaming Audio

Airchecks: Top 40 Radio Repository - RealAudio airchecks from the Golden Age of Top 40 Radio. Good amounts of classic Chicago radio (WLS and WCFL) and even some Milwaukee radio, mostly WOKY, with perhaps mention of WRIT and WEMP... And Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, etc. of course.

WMSE Archives - Also downloadable! Planet Prog at 9PM Sunday night, the Chicken Shack at 9 AM Friday morning, and Jerry Glocka's show Friday at 6 PM are all worth tuning in. If I had a high bandwidth connection, adequate hard drive space AND a CD burner in the same location, I think I'd burn a whole lot of these.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Shindig! Magazine

Oooh, reviews of obscure 60's psych & pop reissued on CD. Bookmark for post-lottery-win shopping spree...

Monday, February 09, 2004

The Real Kerry?

Following some links this morning (perhaps Vodkapundit, who I mainly read for the recipes - heh), I found an amusing article concerning the likely Democratic nominee from the New York Post, written by a talk show host / Boston Herald columnist... I assume he's not of the Left Wing variety since he writes about all the money and privilege Kerry married into, rather than his War Heroism and Devotion to Public Service. Well, I don't expect people to sneer at Bush about being a "child of privilege" if Kerry is nominated...

Wednesday, February 04, 2004