Thursday, February 12, 2004

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A good subtle keyword spamming technique. Eventually, I'm going to salt this blog with names of (more) people I've lost track of over the years to see if they ever Google their own names. And if so, if they have any interest in sending me a damn e-mail. I'm not embarrassed enough about doing it myself to pretend that I don't! Googling my own name (in quotation marks, of course) doesn't point to any of my own web presences, so I guess I better take care of that in some subtle fashion, too. I think the surname by itself turns me up, just after lots of pages of distant relatives and genealogy results and junk. "Hazy Dave" and "MrDrDave" and even "mrdave" return some valid results, but that's of little use to anybody who doesn't already know any of my web aliases. So. Of course, I still live in the same metropolitan area where I grew up and went to high school, so I generally assume that the people who never call or write don't want to talk or correspond with me anyway. Well. Linkage and keyword spamming I can handle, the rest is up to you people. But it appears I need to update my "home page" now and then, or it disappears from the Google cache. "Further Clues" to the left! Whatever. Back to work...