Friday, January 30, 2004

Odd Amazon Reviews

I first became aware of the subculture of spoof and parody reviews on Amazon with regard to various New York Times Book Review-style literary criticisms of Family Circus cartoon books...

Today I'm killing a little time with the demented mind of Henry Raddick. Some amazing stuff, here, if you're in the right mood. A few examples among 284 reviews:

Creative Healing : How to Heal Yourself by Tapping Your Hidden Creativity by Michael Samuels, Mary Rockwood Lane
A nightingale finds its voice November 26, 2001
Many thanks to the authors for helping me to tap into my boundless creative energy and thus tackle my morbid obesity. My poundage has remained pretty static but at least I have been able to detract from it by holding my friends and family spellbound with my beautifully crafted semi-autobiographical free-verse epic poems and impressed by my congealed lamb fat sculptures. Thank you Mr Samuels for allowing my spirit to soar.

The Ale Master: How I Pioneered America's Craft Brewing Industry, Opened the First Brewpub, Bucked Trends, and Enjoyed Every Minute of It by Bert Grant, et al
Excellent November 16, 2001
Despite the title sounding like something a barfly might slobber at you before he pitches into the details of his acrimonious divorce, this is a facinating and thought-provoking autobiography.

Don't Shoot the Dog by James L. Kopp
Tremendous November 16, 2001
Kopp's marvelous guide shows how to train a dog without resorting to desperate measures. Thanks to this book I have kept my spaniel Barry in line with a couple of mock executions.

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