Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Warren Spahn

A boyhood hero, Warren Spahn died yesterday. The winningest left-handed pitcher, ever. Fought in WW2 three years and started his major league career at age 25. Won 20+ games in 13 seasons. Played for the Boston and Milwaukee Braves for years and years, and got shuttled around a little in the twilight of his career, ending up as a pitching coach for Casey Stengel with the Mets, I believe. Died at home in Oklahoma, age 82. A good life.

He had a memorable multiple inning conversation with Bob Uecker on the radio broadcast of the Brewers' home opener in 1999. WTMJ rebroadcast the conversation sans the play calling a few days later, and I captured it on tape and eventually burned a 20 minute CD-R. Funny and insightful baseball talk from a couple Hall Of Famer ex-teammates. (Uecker, of course is in the broadcasters wing at Cooperstown!) If you were a Braves fan in the 60's like I was, you oughta hear it.

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