Thursday, November 20, 2003

I see there are "scattered clouds" in North Bend, Oregon this morning. Presumably the clouds are better organized and aligned in geometric ranks at other times...

So, I threw together a CD-R just before bed last night, mostly to get some movies off the hard drive (Doors, Ralph Stanley, some movie trailers), with a bunch of music to fill up the disc. I wish Nero didn't make the data subdirectory look like a silent 10 minute Audio Track on the silly disc. Maybe there's another Mixed Mode I can try that will handle it better. This one is ISO something or other and requires two seconds between audio tracks, too. Anyway, since I'm typing up the track listing anyway, here it is. Questions are welcome.

Several of the tracks are courtesy Otis Fodder's amazing 365 Days Project, some are completely unavailable on CD, LP or 8-track, and a few are probably available for 99 cents on an internet near you.

The name of this disc might be I Don't Know If I Believe In Nihilism. (That's something Wigu's big sister, Paisley Tinkle, said in today's comic.)

01 Data Track - Do Not Play
02 Tornadoes - Telstar
03 Spooner - Feeling Good Is Gonna Come Easy
04 Toys - A Lover's Concerto
05 People - I Love You
06 Justin Hayward - The Actor
07 Wild Man Fischer & Mark Mothersbaugh - The Way We Were
08 Spooner - Wild Winds
09 Graham Parker & Rumour - Pouring It All Out
10 Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride
11 Bloodrock - DOA
12 Nick Cave - Time Jesum Transuentum Et Non Revertentum
13 Spooner - Fugitive Dance Mix
14 Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
15 Dondero High School Choir - Fox On The Run
16 Eddie & Edie & Reggaebots - Some Velvet Morning
17 Van Morrison - Ringworm / You Say France And I Whistle / Have A Danish
18 Jorma Kaukonen - Song For The High Mountain

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