Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Addendum to Christmas List

The New Pearls Before Swine Tribute - For The Dead In Space Volume II & III. If your budget is larger, I'd actually appreciate the 4 CD box set Jewels Were The Stars even more, Santa.

I really should have managed to find the $55 to buy that myself by now, but... Hey, I bet I blogged on about that a year ago. Whatever. Familiar Songs is due to be released December 30, 2003, and the 4 albums from he box set are supposed to be individually available sometime soon, as well. Having all these rereleases on more or less pristine vinyl makes them less than critical CD acquisitions, considering budgetary constraints. What's your excuse? When Joe Phillips and Wildcat Recordings manage to get some archival Tom Rapp live recordings released, there will be no such hesitation, he glibly predicted.

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