Wednesday, October 23, 2002

The Oldies Station (not to be confused with the Classic Rock Station or the Retro Rock Station) that plays a "Forgotten Oldie" every morning at 6:50 has been playing local (Milwaukee & Wisconsin) tunes the last two weeks. A good concept that you might not expect from a MegaConglomerate-owned (Clear Channel) station, IMHO.

Anyway, they run it as a contest where they take phone calls and give away some promotional item to whoever can name the artist. It seemed like they'd been dumbing-down the contest recently ("Eve Of Destruction" "forgotten"? You don't exactly have to be a Trivia Champ to know Barry McGuire did that one, right?), so it's nice to get Obscure N Provincial for a bit! (Though to be fair, the morning after "Eve" they played "Dawn Of Correction", and I could not remember the artist. I also didn't remember the song sounding so terrible, but that may have been the first time I ever heard it on a speaker larger than two inches in diameter.)

So, it's been nice to hear tunes like The Messengers "That's The Way A Woman Is" and one of the Robbs many not-quite-Hot-100-bubbling-under-near-hits on the radio for the first time in 30+ years... Underground Sunshine's copy of the Beatles' "Birthday" is nearly the definition of pointless, but what the heck. They played a song by the Larry Lynne Group this morning, but I couldn't identify it. But that's okay, cuz Tuesday morning I was the ninth caller and won a couple dinner coupons for the Thunder Bay Grille, correctly identifying Thee Prophets as the guys playing "Playgirl". Another 30 seconds of fame plus Free Food! Life is Good...

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