Friday, October 04, 2002

Here's my latest Winamp playlist. It's undergone minor evolution over the last week or so, and it's about time to empty it out and start a new selection from the mp3 Archive. But it gives a snapshot of some of my listening lately, so there ya go... Perhaps this will become a weekly feature.

Tom Rapp - Margery
Cat Stevens - If You Want To Sing Out
Ian Tyson & Sylvia Fricker - Changes
Flying Burrito Brothers - To Ramona
NGDB Hillman & McGuinn - You Ain't Going Nowhere
King Crimson - Ladies Of The Road
Homer Simpson - In Your Face, Milwaukee!
Garbage - The World Is Not Enough
Gorkys Zygotic Mynci - Face Like Summer
Buffalo Springfield - Sad Memory
Gene Clark - Some Misunderstanding
Kinks - A Well Respected Man (BBC)
My Morning Jacket - Heartbreakin Man
Go-Betweens - Part Company
Leon Russell - Tightrope
King Crimson - Prozakc Blues
Moody Blues - Ride My See Saw
Only Ones - Love Becomes A Habit
Residents - Return To Sender
Nils Lofgren - Keith Don't Go
Captain Sensible - Wot
Arthur Prysock - Ebb Tide
Pete Townshend - Flying Boy
Cyrkle - I'm Not Sure What I Wanna Do
Ramases & Selket - Minds Eye
National Health - The Collapso
Leonard Cohen - The Captain
Pearls Before Swine - Suzanne
Peter Perrett & The One - Daughter
Justin Hayward - John Lodge - I Dreamed Last Night
Dr. Feelgood - I Can Tell
Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Tomahawk Kid (live)
Flying Burrito Bros - Beat the Heat
Rick Roberts - Davy McVie
Best of the Moody Blues - Go Now
National Health - Elephants
Cat Stevens - Foreigner Suite (Full Version)
The Rolling Stones - She Smiled Sweetly
Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball alternate mix
The Balloon Farm - A Question of Temperature
People - I Love You
Michael Nesmith - Born to Love You
Nils Lofgren - Cry Tough
Cat Stevens - Don't Be Shy
Crosby Stills & Nash - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
John Martyn - May You Never
Dream Academy - Life In A Northern Town
Pearls Before Swine - I Shall Not Care
Blood Sweat and Tears - Fire and Rain
Pearls Before Swine - When I Was a Child
National Health - Toad Of Toad Hall
Moody Blues - You Can Never Go Home
Van Morrison - Have I Told You Lately?
Egg - While Growing My Hair
Tim Rose - Hey Joe
Kronos Quartet - Marquee Moon
Chris Hillman - Create In Me A Clean Heart
Chad & Jeremy A Summer Song
Cyrkle - I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
Switched On Bach - Two Part Invention in D Minor
Wendy Carlos - Two Part Invention in B-flat m
Danny Gatton, Joey DeFrancesco - Blues On The Half Shell
Serge Gainsbourg - L'abominable strip-tease
Cyrkle - Big Little Woman
Buffalo Springfield - Bluebird (long version)

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