Monday, August 23, 2004

The Thoughts of Chairman Bob

Part of the reason I find it worthwhile to check out Robert Fripp's online diary (link to the left) even when he goes weeks without uploading new posts (a common side effect of touring Eastern Europe, running a Guitar Craft seminar in South America, or other extended absences from internet access) is that they automatically revive postings from "this date in history", as well as a randomly selected entry. Recent postings concern the editing and preparation of a 21st Century Guide to King Crimson and his various dealings with home remodeling tradesmen as well as his small pleasures with his wife, his home, and his village. Interesting to me, if not of major importance. And once in a while an observation from the past feels useful in the present tense...

Wednesday 23rd. August, 2000

Part of my morning's reading & reflection: how help is always available, even though we are often not available for help to help us.

The centre of gravity of the act of redemption is love. How easily said, how easily typed. What can this mean? I don't know, and I don't believe it is possible to know redemption on its "own" terms.

The first paragraph resonates especially in my work life just lately. I must attempt to find a way to seek and accept "help" when I find myself spinning my wheels, in loose sand with no traction. Remaining "available" at home is a continuing challenge, as well. And redemption, I suppose, is a gift that needs mostly to be accepted, not necessarily understood.

And I think that's all the bloviation I have time for on that subject today. Now to work!

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