Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Happy 13th Birthday, Peter!

Well, as of yesterday, we now have three teenagers in the house. Yow. Good kids, one and all; I hope I can somehow afford to send them off to college in a few years.

I see all the text formatting buttons have disappeared since my last posting. I guess I'll find out what this looks like after I post it. Gotta put something up here before the month disappears, or so the contract requires...

Lots I could write about, but I have a tendency to get things out of my system in various e-mail exchanges, so they don't wind up here. Considering there are but infrequent clues that anyone may be reading this stuff (and that's okay, of course), I see no reason to change at this time.

The Gala BCHS 73 31st Classless Reunion was great fun a couple weekends ago, and if I saw you there, I hope you felt the same. If I didn't see you there, you may be hearing from me yet! My sunburn is nearly done peeling off my shoulders, the photos aren't back from the drugstore yet, and I hear Bruce's stereo is rebroken already. And I have lots of Work to do and not a lot of time to do it in.

Till next month...

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