Friday, September 06, 2002

Okay, so what's the Blogosphere Food Chain look like and where do I, Hazy Dave, fit in? Well, I'm nowhere and that's fine. This may have already been the subject of an article in Time, so consider this redundant, if you like.

The Top Rank must include Heavy Political Blogs like Instapundit and Vodkapundit and Demosthenes. (I gotta convert all these to links when I have a chance, since the blogosphere, if it's about anything, is about linkage.) Warbloggers and Libertarian NeoCons and BleedingHeartLiberals and so on. I have no aspirrations of emulating these guys. Many of them are Law Talking Guys and Professional Writers and Tenured Faculty Members so I'm nowhere near their league even if I was ten times more Political Science and Government Policy Minded than I am.

In a League Of His Own as far as I know, is James Lileks, who apparently writes a feature / humor / lifestyle column for the Minneapolis Star Tribune a few times a week. Man, this needs a lot of editing. That's a bad description of The Backfence, but I wasn't a Journalism major either. Somewhere between Garrison Keillor and Dave Barry, I suppose. Anyway, his daily online companion addendum to the Column is called the Bleat. Every now and then, something triggers a Screed. Flotsam Cove is a good place to while away a few hours. What can I say, he writes interestingly about things I can relate to (music, kids, work, beer) and I wish he lived next door.

For some reason, there seem to be a lot of bloggers in Cleveland. Linkage! People who knew each other, or just gregarious types who found each other and started pulling in satellites? Who knows. Some bloggers are better, more interesting or more tittilating writers than others. This narrative is losing steam. I'm trying to work ex-Suck Filler writer Polly Ester's rabbitblog and UpYours into this, but it's gonna take some editing later. I don't know if that's in the spirit of blogging or not. I guess when you have no readers you can make your own rules...

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