Thursday, September 05, 2002

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Thank You For Slowing Down

That's what the lawn signs say in my neighborhood, the ones that don't exhort me to vote next week. A good thought, now that the kids are back in school, just as it is in the Spring, when the kids are out of school.

The little red "x" you may see attached to this message comes courtesy of, which has noticed that I'm using their free bandwidth to put little tiny pictures here and there on the internet instead of slavishly adhering to their TOS and only linking great big photos to Auction Sites. So it goes.

I therefore find that ezboard, my eBay page and maybe some other places I've placed links feature little red x's instead of the graphic bemusement I selected with your mind in mind. This is slightly disappointing. But it's been close to 2 years since I've auctioned anything anyway. Still, when I get around to it I have a small pile or two of junque to peddle, so perhaps I should try to reactivate the account and more closely adhere to the Terms Of Service.

My Angelfire Home Page, which is very difficult or perhaps even impossible to find if you don't know where to look, is unaffected by this change, but they, like Yahoo, seem very efficient about preventing remote linkage of any kind.

The absence of even a whole megabyte of internet connected storage space is also expected to affect my nebulous plans to transform my infant blog (also difficult or impossible to find without detailed directions) into a Harvey Pekar / R. Crumb inspired webcomic. So it goes again. The "To Blog Or Not To Blog" question has not yet been definitively answered anyhow. Semi-anonymous posting of semi-personal thoughts seems therapeutic, but I've never been Catholic and I don't think that Confession is necessarily a Good Idea in all cases. Hmm. If I have nothing to Sell and I'm not Looking To Buy, who is my Audience, and how much do I want them to Know? Which begs the question of why I should be weblogging at blogspot anyway, when I have places like psychobabylon and eBay MB to scribble what passes for my thoughts and witticisms with the knowledge that somebody else will read them? Talking to myself is more fun with an audience, I guess. At least the chance for dialogue exists. Or maybe I should recognize the intellectual pack rat desire to collect my own thoughts and put them in a box in the basement.

Have I recommended Wigu (When I Grow Up) to you guys yet? It's my favorite webcomic right now, even better than Shaw Island, which hasn't had the hamsters in a storyline for a while.

Well, like I say every day, I have some work I should be doing... This post was going to be a Top Ten List, but I forget what the Subject was going to be. Albums, probably, but I'm not inspired for that little intellectual exercise right now. Movies either.

A possible future newspaper headline keeps running through my mind. Local Man Found Walking Railroad Tracks In His Underwear. "They're new underwear and I really like them," he explained. "The weather was perfect." Oh well, time for my depressinginspirational tagline, lifted from a comic strip I found somewhere...

"So, The way I see it, we have a choice. We can either A: Live our lives passionately, move forward without fear, seize the moment, grasp opportunity, follow our hearts, consider time a fleeting treasure, breathe the air, love and be alive; or B: Live passionless, stagnant, unfulfilled, cheap, pathetic, trivial, useless, passive, demoralizing parodies of nothingness."

"How long do we have to decide?"
"What was the first choice again?"

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