Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some Random Album Covers


FreakListener said...

Hey, Hazy Dave. Just wondering if you have checked your BC blog post: 10 Songs That Aren't as Lame as the Monster Mash lately.
It's been resurrected (appropriately enough) and lives on as a Halloween Manifesto!

Thanks for shaking out the skeletons so many years ago...


Hazy Dave said...

Yes, I still get e-mail notices of new comments on that post, and it is kind of amazing how much attention and additional song suggestions it's gotten over the last four years.

I think about revising it, editing it, or compiling the suggestions now and then, but I really haven't managed to devote any real time to BC in a long time. When I ever do, I think the key to getting reader comments is presenting a Top Ten List!

Thanks for the note, Zed!

10 Halloween Songs That Aren't as Lame as the Monster Mash