Friday, September 08, 2006

My New Car


pril said...

woooooo! New cars are teh chizz!

Hazy Dave said...

Not only that, it's my first vehicle with a CD player. Going to and from work has seldom been so enjoyable.

Harry The Bastard said...

Sorry but the car is horrible, it's a monstrosity!!!

My car has got a CD player in it but it's also got some decent lines to it as well

Your car looks like a block of cheese!

... actually I ain't sorry!

Hazy Dave said...

I know what a block of cheese looks like, and that isn't it. It looks like a bloody turd in a wind tunnel, same as 98% of the other cars designed in the last 20 years. And who need "lines" when you've got layers?

pril said...

block of cheese = scion or element, which just proves no one knows a good looking car when they see one, because those are top sellers.

This more like a plate of nachos with old meat. But it has 4 wheels, an engine, a transmission and a good paint job as well as the CD player, and it gets you where you gotta go. All you need.

Smart Half and i got an older 4runner last month. I'm totally stoked.