Wednesday, November 30, 2005

November Ends

For no particularly urgent reason, I figured I should post a blog entry some time this month. And since I was logged in updating some links to the left (expanded Blogcritics link even though I haven't found the time to post anything there in a while - updated Fripp and Spoilt Victorian Child URL's - a big welcome back to Marcello Carlin, who writes extraordinarily well and at great length about music I often have not and may never actually hear - et cetera), now is as good a time as any to say nothing much.

The weather is turning wintry, Sarah is nearing the end of Fall term at Lawrence, Peter has been diagnosed with migraines, we got our photo Christmas cards ordered and delivered already, and lots of the usual busy-ness.

I found out that TW's principal, the late Mr. Steiner went to the same high school as me, Brookfield Central, though a few years before I was there. He'll be missed. The first death in the state attributed to West Nile Virus. Presumably his immune system was depressed from anti-rejection drugs from his kidney transplant some years ago. A former boss's forty-something wife died suddenly this month, too. Well, enough on that subject for now... Lora's dad was in the hospital for some tests over the weekend, but he's back home adjusting to his new medications now. Perhaps he just had a little too much turkey.

I didn't mention Matt yet, so I'll note he's still working part time at Rocky Rococo's Pizza, getting good grades, helping out on Stage Crew a lot and killing time on the interweb at every opportunity. I wonder where he gets that tendency?

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