Thursday, September 22, 2005

Not Exactly A Concert Review

Well, I did go to see Richie Furay in concert last week. Yes, I did. I spent the better part of a month convincing myself that it was a rare opportunity that I should not miss, and while I nearly did, I didn't. The guy's voice is in unbelievably good shape after all these years. He played a few songs from his more recent "Christian" albums, but did a lot of his classic material, including SHF Band, Poco and Buffalo Springfield. Not just the songs he wrote, but Stephen's "Go And Say Goodbye" (which he also covered in Poco) and a whole lot of the Neil songs that Richie sang on the original Springfield LP's. Richie played acoustic guitar, joined by a guy on keyboards, mandolin, banjo and Telecaster by turns, plus a young bassist and a percussionist. Looked like fewer than 100 (predominantly male and middle-aged) people in the club, but those of us smart and lucky enough to be present were, and I believe this is the correct usage of the term, fookin' gobsmacked.

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