Friday, August 19, 2005

August News

The big music news around here (as far as I'm concerned), is that Richie Furay will be doing a concert next month, the day after my birthday, in fact. I never expected another chance to see the guy perform, as semi-retired (from recording) as he's been for the last 20+ years...

The BoDeans were supposed to do a rooftop concert Wednesday night, and some neighbors tried to squash it on account of the noise. Apparently they went ahead and did it anyway. 7 PM is an early enough start, what the heck. Gotta check the newspaper to see how that went down.

Finally, my car reached 250,000 miles Wednesday evening, on North Avenue south of Mayfair. Peter and I were on the way home from hitting a bucket of golf balls out Capitol Drive in Brookfield. I might buy the "Yo" some new brake pads to celebrate.

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