Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Jeffrey Rowland, creator of Wigu and CEO of TopatoCo has a cartoon blog that is very entertaining. Just thought you would want to know about that.

Fripp continues to crack me up. This is from Tuesday 23rd November 1999:
Rocco Farte (pronounced "Far-tay") has spent many years on the inside of the music industry, with varying degrees of success. He has worked with many of the most important artists of the last 30 years, such as pomp rocker Legs Blake, Blane Fury & Bari Neon (two bright lights of the glam-rock era), plus even more of the completely unknown, like Teddy Valiant. Regrettably, all of this has taken something of a toll upon his vital presence. But he continues to breathe, seek territory, food & sexual partners. On a clear day, his reminiscences are startling. On a day when his personal sun is obscured by clouds, even more so.

UPDATE: Bari Neon (like Brain One) is an anagram for Brian Eno. Whether Legs Blake and/or Blane Fury might be anagrams or obscure references to other musical luminaries of Fripp's acquaintance (Brian Ferry? David Bowie? Peter Gabriel?) is a matter for speculation. R.F. seems to have quite a self deprecating sense of humour, in any event.

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