Friday, March 26, 2004

Google Spamming

Okay, if you found your name here via Google search and you know who I am, why not drop me an e-mail? (See the Correspondence address to the left?) Good. Here's a high resolution satellite image of what I looked like a year or two ago. Your mouse pointer can tell you the correct spelling of my name. Try it!

Glenn Weissinger Dave Marheine Kris Dugas Bob Bucci Mary Pat McKinley Mark Singel Dave Bradford Gary Wedemayer Glenn Emil Weissinger Robert Orlick Kristine Dugas Dan Gross Jeff Garland Jim Urban Dale Dolence Dean Dolence Jeff Gullickson Rick Olson Pat Furlan Don Kotek Frank Owen David Marheine Kristine Ann Joan Dugas Craig Liebel Dana Stonerook Rick Piel Les LaPhilliph Jerry Meyerhoff Lauren Bandler...

Man, this is hard work accessing these dusty memory banks. There are other names at the tip of my tongue that can't quite make it to my fingers right now. And some I don't feel confident enough about the correct spelling to put 'em in here... So, a general invitation to old friends from Walker School in West Allis, Linfield, Pilgrim Park, BCHS '73, UW Madison, Sellery Hall, Motorola, Eagle Monitor Systems, Square D, Oster, et cetera, etc... Let's Keep In Touch!

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