Friday, March 14, 2003

Well, I finally made a Blogcritics post. Most of the "inside information" is from a personal e-mail from Tom Rapp, who is now practicing Law in Florida. (Until he gets it right!) I'm still on the fence about spending $60 for no music I don't already have on vinyl, indeed, only 21 songs I don't already have on CD. I've paid three bucks a song for 45's, I guess, when a b-side didn't appear on the LP, but this is a wee bit different. Still, a 60 page booklet with rare photos, interviews and notes by Lenny Kaye is additional value. I'm trying to be upbeat about this, you see, since Tom is nothing if not a deserving artist, and long overdue for some recognition if not renumeration. Hopefully a bit of the latter will accrue for each box set sold!

Last Saturday I passed on an $11 CD containing a Spooner song that I only have in mp3 format at present. (As well as a bunch of other random "Madison Music Legends" that I had little interest in...) Tough work being a Fan, I guess. Expensive, anyway. There's still $200+ of King Crimson CD's standing between me and True Fanaticism over at Robert Fripp's website. And the 21st Century Schizoid Band has an official bootleg for sale, too...

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